Crown Store of Avalon

Rules, regulations and user agreement


— When creating an order in the «Crown Store of Avalon» you agree to pay its full cost at the current rate to the in-game mail @JKaba40k.
— The order is put into operation only upon receipt of an advance payment. Otherwise, your order will be deleted within 12 hours, and your account will receive a corresponding mark. If your order is processed and executed before you had time to make an advance payment — you agree to pay it in full, otherwise your actions will be regarded as fraud

Crowns rate:

— The course varies depending on the situation in the gaming market and within the community. We always try to offer our members the lowest possible price. It is also worth noting that the rate of crowns depends on your role in our Discord channel. (more details here )

Discounts and notifications:

Improving and optimizing the order creation process requires one-time user attention. Please follow these steps to fully appreciate the quality of the updated Crown Store of Avalon:

— Follow the link on the Avalon Discord server
— Go to the channel #авторизация (authorization) and fill out the application according to the instructions. 
— You can track the status of your order here .

Customer and recipient:

— The customer always pays for the goods.
— All discounts depend on the status of the customer and are valid even if the recipient ID is different.
— Notifications are also sent to the customer.
— The administration is not responsible in case of incorrect filling of the fields with in-game IDs.

Lead time:

The order is executed within 24 hours from the moment of payment confirmation

Refund of prepayment:

If after 24 hours from the receipt of the prepayment, or if you change your mind before the order was sent , you have the right to demand a full refund. In this case:
— Your order will be canceled and removed from the #crown-store Discord channel on the Avalon server .
— Your ID will be marked accordingly.
After 3 unreasonable waiting for returns, you will not be able to get a service in our store.

Missing product in search:

— You can always create an order manually (using the #crown-store Discord channel), as well as notify us that the product is not in the list and we will correct this misunderstanding as soon as possible.

Controversial points:

— If you received a notification about the completion of the order, but the gift did not arrive and is not displayed in the gifts section of the Crown Store in the game, an error may have occurred. Write @JKaba40k in private messages in Discord and report the problem.
— If you were accidentally sent the wrong gift — please return it to the sender. Write @JKaba40k in private messages in Discord and report the problem. The error will be corrected — right product will be sent to you. If you accepted a gift, you will need to pay for it in full.

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