Crown Store of Avalon

Crowns: Not available. Status: Not working.


Here you can buy crowns for the in-game currency — gold .

To create an order just click on the BUY button.

Crowns discounts depend solely on your role in our Discord . Just join us, change the nickname on the in-game ID (That will give You -5 gold from the crown).
If You want more — go to the #authorization channel and ask to give you a role:
— Ally (-10 gold per crown) If you are a guild leader and want better conditions for your people, contact @JKaba40k .

Your order will appear in the Crown Store channel at the maximum discount available to you.
Copy the order you created and send @JKaba40k to the in-game mail with full prepayment and your order will be processed and completed as soon as possible.

The Crown Store of Avalon is available to all players in The Elder Scrolls Online.

And in the Crown Store of Avalon table, you can see the full history of already completed orders.

ATTENTION! The updated store is still running in test mode! Databases are filled on the air. If anything is missing or there is a problem, contact @JKaba40k

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